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Student English Project: Glitter in the Bottle

Student Description

Jessy is a six-year-old student who studies at Penabur International School, Bandung, Primary 1. In weekdays, she spends her time studying at school from 8 AM to 3 PM and additional lessons such as English, Mandarin, Kumon, Art and Craft Lesson, and Drawing Session. On weekend, she is provided with Piano Lesson. I come to see her every Monday and Friday at 5 PM and during those times, we spend time discussing the homework most of the time, preparing for the test, reading, and making project. Because the lesson starts in the evening, she is often quite tired, especially on Monday, after a long day at school. So, on Friday, I usually focus on her homework for the upcoming week, giving reviews, reading book time or making project while on Monday, I focus only on homework and tests and relieve her tension at school.
Personally, Jessy is a smart, lively, artful, and intelligent student. Her enthusiasm in learning new things especially things dealing with art and craft and English is quite high. She is a very easy going, expressive, and creative little girl but at the same time, her expressions can lead into agression. She needs experienced teachers who can be her teacher and her friend at the same time.

Science Project
Age Group: 6-8 years old students
Time: 40 minutes ++
  1.  Language: listing, following instructions, developing vocabulary and logic
  2. Others: memorizing details, understanding science
  1. High bottle. It can be soda, champange, beer, mineral water, or syrup bottle as long as it has transparent glass so the students can see inside of the bottle. Do not forget the cap.
  2. Filling stuff. For example: glitter, beads, metalic confetti, small buttons, small shells or stones, pearls, or even money or rings to make it look interesting.
  3. Baby oil or vegetable oil to fill the bottle.
  4. Super glue to seal the cap. Teacher is supposed to do this activity.
  1. Preparing the materials. Introduce the materials to the students. Let them know the materials by giving a chance to touch the materials.
  2. Clean the bottle. Ask the students to clean the bottle they have in the sink. A washing instructions are needed. Then let the bottle dries by itself.
  3. Fill in the bottle. with filling stuff. Ask the students to manage the filling materials and ask them to measure how much filling stuff will be taken into the bottle. A funnel may be needed to help young students fill the bottle. After the filling is done, explain to the students that we are going to take the most important thing, filling the bottle with the oil.
  4. Fill in the bottle with the oil. Fill the bottle with baby oil or vegetable oil until it is almost fully filled and save some space for the air. If you want to see the filling stuff more easily, use baby oil.
  5. Seal the bottle. After you and your students are done filling up the bottle, seal the cap using super glue. You need to be extra careful. The teachers may let the students do this with guidance.
  1. Fill in the bottle with half oil and half water. Explain to the students why oil and water cannot be mixed each other.
  2. Use only two materials, the metalic confetti and a small button. Ask the students to find the button by shaking the bottle.
  3. Use thematic concept: Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, Halloween, etc. You can add small plastic spiders, fake eyes, or food coloring.
  4. Do some more experiences by changing the type of oils. Different types of oil can affect the movement of the filling stuff.
Anticipated Problems:
  1. Students mess up when filling the bottle with filling stuff and oil. They should be provided with tissue or newspaper to absorb the excess oil.
  2. Guide the students when they seal the cap with super glue.


Preparing the materials

Pose, as always :)
Help your students fill in the bottle before they do it independently.

Glitter base


Outside look. Super colorful!
Inside the bottle

Go go go! Don't spill it up!
You may add some more glitter if you like.

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